How It Works

We understand painting a helmet can be somewhat tricky, especially during a busy race season. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of it, and have simplified the process to be as efficient and precise as possible.
Average completion time after design approval is 4 weeks.

Step 01: It All Starts With the Helmet

While it sounds obvious, we can’t paint what we don’t yet have. The first step is to ship your helmet to us, or purchasing one from us directly. We carry the full line of popular race helmets and will meet or beat anyone’s retail price. When shipping your helmet, be sure to include everything that will receive paint, such as wings or attachments.

Step 02: Planning The Design

Before a drop of paint goes on your helmet, our artists will work closely with you to plan out your design. We’ll send you a color rendering based on your input, and together we’ll help you find a look that is unique and eye catching. Our consultants will then help you make color choices and help you decide on any finishing touches.

Step 03: Preparation

With the design finalized, we will begin prepping your helmet for paint. We take special care to ensure this process is thorough and meticulous. The better the preparation, the better the paint will adhere to the surface for years to come. Our artists will take special care to remove and carefully mask every part of the helmet that is not being painted.

Step 04: Painting

With the helmet painted and base coat applied, we will lay out and paint your design. We paint each section, color by color, meticulously on your helmet. We use only the highest grade automotive paints and industry standard clear coats. Our artists will then apply special airbrushing and shadowing for any fine detail work.

Step 05: Reassembly

Once your helmet is completed and the clear coat given a chance to cure, we will carefully reassemble your helmet. Our experts ensure all of the safety components are in proper working order, including all D-rings and HANS clips. From here, your helmet is ready to be picked up or shipped.